Key management Solutions

Many businesses have lots of keys for vehicles and doors, sometimes it is hard to keep track of where they all are at any one time, especially if there are various staff in at different times.

Key management solutions are the best way to keep control of your keys, also if they are not where they should be who has them.

What is a good key management solution?

With good key management solutions employees will be held accountable for keys, and only authorised users will be able to access the keys needed. Key control software will keep a record of who has the keys and at what time they were taken out. A good key control software system will also be able to send out automated reports keeping track of when and by whom keys were used.

Key management solutions previously have been a logbook, scribbled in by a team member or security guard, although this is a record it is not always illegible as when taking the keys people are normally in a rush to get something opened for someone who may be waiting, this can cause confusion and take up valuable time trying to decipher the written word and find out who has the keys. That is why mechanical key management systems are much improved, all logged onto the software and a computer or smartphone so there is no room for error. Keys are easily identified and more control is had, so keys are less likely to get lost.

What can key management solutions be good for?

Key management solutions are used to keep track of keys for such things as drug cabinets, vehicles, sensitive documentation, and access to hazardous areas so it is very important that they are stored and removed correctly.

Keys will no longer be lost…..

Keys will not simply be misplaced or lost with a good key management solution, security issues are reduced and if someone is on holiday there is no issue about where the keys may have been left or unattended.


Conveyancing Solicitors

What are Conveyancing Solicitors?

Conveyancing Solicitors have an important role when it comes to property. They handle all of the legal aspects of buying and selling a property. It is important to carefully research and select the one who has good experience in your area of need.

More About Conveyancing Services

Conveyancing can be described as the action of transferring legal title from one entity to another. It is strongly advised to go with a qualified and experienced conveyancing solicitor to process the required legal paperwork. If paperwork is incorrectly completed, it can significantly delay or even halt the process.

As it is likely to be one of the biggest purchases of your life, it can become a stressful and overwhelming process to do alone or if you pick a team who aren’t as efficient as you need them to be.

The main responsibilities of conveyancing solicitors are:

Conveyancing Fees

Conveyancing Solicitors can charge their fees in different ways, so it is important to research carefully. Solicitors can charge in different ways. These are a fixed fee, hourly rate, or a percentage of the property price. A fixed fee is the preferred message for many as an upfront charge can be budgeted for in advance.

Be sure to clear up the fees before committing to their services. However, it is worth noting that there can be unforeseen costs. These can happen if the sale falls through at a late stage for any reason, or if the chain you are in has any issues prolonging the process.


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Galvanizing is a process of applying a zinc coating to iron or steel. This provides a protective coat to prevent rusting.

One of the most common galvanizing methods is called hot-dip galvanizing, this is when the steel is submerged in a hot bath of molten zinc. This could reach temperatures of 450 degrees Celsius., it will normally take no more than five minutes for each piece of steel.

The zinc protective coating will prevent rusting and corrosion. When zinc corrodes it is a very slow process giving the metal beneath an extended life, something called catholic protection occurs.

There is also another type of galvanizing called electroplate galvanized. Zinc plating or electroplating applies a very thin layer of zinc using an electrical current.

Galvanizing is better than simply painting over steel because with galvanizing you will get the zinc to bond to the steel, whereas painting over it will just be a coating.

When steel is galvanized it should in theory not weaken the steel because it does not affect the mechanical properties of the grade of steel.

Galvanizing should last for about 50 years in most usual, rural environments. It can in fact last over double that if the environmental impact is kept to a minimum.

Galvanizing costs haven’t really changed over the years whereas painting materials have gone up so although people perceive galvanizing to be expensive, it really isn’t.

If the galvanizing process has not produced a thick enough coating it can be coated with a lick of paint at a later stage.

Once the steel is galvanized it can increase that pieces weight by up to 15 % depending on many factors, obviously the size and shape of the steel, chemistry surface conditions, steel thickness and the galvanizing temperature.

Galvanized Steel Shutter

Alloy Steel Purposes

Alloy Steel is a combination of carbon steels and several other alloying elements such as chromium, aluminium, titanium and nickel. The alloying element which is included is around 5% of its composition. There are 57 types of alloy steel on the market today with the majority of Alloy being made by mixing metals into a mould and forming them at 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit for around 8 to 12 hours. Once bonding has taken place between the base elements this can then be cooled in the air for four hours.

alloy steel bridge

Alloy Steel is commonly used for the building of large structures such as bridges, stadiums and bridges due to its strength and resistance to corrosion, it poses a tougher than normal steel that will last for years to follow. Bridges, for example, are extremely fast to produce whilst being part of modern-day infrastructure suitable to carry road traffic that can flex without fracturing and survive even the harshest conditions.

Another large sector where Alloy Steel is widely used is within the production of pipework.

P1 Salloy steel pipeseamless Alloy Steel pipes are produced for the use of the Oil and Gas pipeline transport system. There are currently more than 2,175,000 miles of pipelines around the world transporting liquids and gases to the required market area for consumption.

P9 Alloy Steel Pipes are used within the plumbing sector, these seamless pipes are excellent at handling high temperature and distributing water without corrosion. Lastly, ASTM A213 Alloy Steel pipework is generally used around the home for heating elements. This type of Alloy Steel meets the requirements needed for hot forming. The heat exchanger tubes can resist high temperatures whilst distributing an even heat element into the home.

One benefit of using Alloy Steel and a major factor to why it is the preferred method of steel today is that it can be recycled. Alloy Steel is 100% recyclable and can be recycled over and over again without losing any of its properties, making it an ideal environmental performer whilst keeping its strength and durability. Predictions are that Alloy Steel will remain in use for many decades.

Solicitors in Worcester


Are you searching for solicitors in Worcester? There are many to choose from, first, we would recommend you go by a family member or friends’ recommendation. If a friend or family member has recommended somewhere it usually means that they were very happy with the service, they received so are happy to recommend that someone close to them should use them also.

When trying to find solicitors in Worcester you should look for good communication skills, Good judgement, researching skills and excellent people skills. Solicitors will work on your behalf and give legal advice; they can specialise in specific areas such as family law or employment law.

A good solicitor should be able to think logically, solve complex problems on your behalf and have a keen eye for detail, you should trust in them that they will be able to fight your corner.

There are many solicitors in Worcester that you could choose, depending on which area of expertise you are looking for, but a solicitor is a qualified legal practitioner that could represent you in a variety of areas of law, examples of this are: Buying and selling residential and commercial properties, dealing with company merges, advising on construction projects.

If you want to search for “solicitors in Worcester” we would advise you use a search engine and read the reviews and do your own research to find a good, honest solicitor.

A solicitor should be confident in their speaking and knowledge, and able to put up a good argument to help you win your case.

Solicitors in Worcester