Key management Solutions

Many businesses have lots of keys for vehicles and doors, sometimes it is hard to keep track of where they all are at any one time, especially if there are various staff in at different times.

Key management solutions are the best way to keep control of your keys, also if they are not where they should be who has them.

What is a good key management solution?

With good key management solutions employees will be held accountable for keys, and only authorised users will be able to access the keys needed. Key control software will keep a record of who has the keys and at what time they were taken out. A good key control software system will also be able to send out automated reports keeping track of when and by whom keys were used.

Key management solutions previously have been a logbook, scribbled in by a team member or security guard, although this is a record it is not always illegible as when taking the keys people are normally in a rush to get something opened for someone who may be waiting, this can cause confusion and take up valuable time trying to decipher the written word and find out who has the keys. That is why mechanical key management systems are much improved, all logged onto the software and a computer or smartphone so there is no room for error. Keys are easily identified and more control is had, so keys are less likely to get lost.

What can key management solutions be good for?

Key management solutions are used to keep track of keys for such things as drug cabinets, vehicles, sensitive documentation, and access to hazardous areas so it is very important that they are stored and removed correctly.

Keys will no longer be lost…..

Keys will not simply be misplaced or lost with a good key management solution, security issues are reduced and if someone is on holiday there is no issue about where the keys may have been left or unattended.